Windows are one of the most important constituents that form the original style of your home. They are not just a source of light, but also unite you with the external environment, carry a certain energy charge and represent the face of the premises.

Window decoration is not a simple task. Therefore, style of the premises design and its constructional opportunities have to be taken into account, as well as practical usefulness. Correctly selected window curtains can visually expand your premises, adding colours and light. Window coverings are implemented by matching with other details of the interior – furniture, floor covering, walls and ceiling. Bedroom curtains are an element of décor and protection from sun; therefore the selection of fabric should be done in terms of premises location and lighting.

In our collections, you can find fabrics of any trends – from classics, with rich combinations of texture and colour, up to the new generation textiles, unique collections of upholstery fabrics, as well as fittings and décor elements to create the interior design. The availability of a wide range of fabrics, curtain rods and decorativeaccessories allows securing the maximum qualitative and fast performance of your order. We provide warranty for all our products, and consult our customers on all issues regarding the selection, order and service.

When applying to us at the interior design studio "HOME ART" you will receive a complete range of services: professional selection of fabrics and fittings, qualitative fabrication of curtains, coverlets, decorative cushions and other textile decorations. Our designers will develop sketches of curtains, take measurements properly, select curtain rods matching your window design and the selected model, and will install curtains on your windows.

Apply to the "HOME ART" studio, improvise together with us, and we will decorate windows for your premises, harmoniously matching them with the general style of your home!

We provide:

  • Consultations by a designer;
  • Sketches and cost estimates;
  • Manufacturing of louvre-boards and curtain rods, fabrication of curtains;
  • Installation.